Ireland will be responsible for its next child abuse scandal

What do people think of this poster that will be traveling around Ireland!?
We all are to work to stop abortion, the ultimate child abuse, the capital punishment for the most innocent and yet the most vulnerable.
Jungerheld likes this.
I like it. The pictures are brutal but oh so real. Irish children are being killed and its time for people to take a stand for God or the devil.
@BrTomFordeOFMCap I think I agree with you. Who is in charge over there, anyway? It's unfortunate that there is no appearance of a unified pro-life movement. Poor Ireland - if they only knew the lie they're swallowing, hook-line-and-sinker. And they could have been that shining beacon on a hill. They took care of women better than anyone.
Jungerheld Ouch! I don't care for it either. The problem here is that there is no unified pro-life movement. This could easily backfire.
...I don't care for it, personally. But for the people of Ireland, maybe it will be effective (?).