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here will be a fashionable fatalism founded on Freud, as there was twenty years ago a fashionable fatalism founded on Haeckel — or for that matter, two hundred years ago, a fashionable fatalism founded on Calvin.
De Profundis
The questions still stand. Did the Holy Father know in 2013 that then Cardinal McCarrick as a sexual predator, yes or no? If not, when did he find out? If yes, what did he do or didn't about it and why? Silence is no answer.
More interested in himself than his poodles
Lisi Sterndorfer
I heard that the Papal Poodles can't wait for him to fall a second and third time so they can call him Christ.
Congrats to the author and the painter of this Cartoon. (It would be so funny, if it were not so sad / true).
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LOVE IT!!! Can I get it in A3?!