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Alleluja from Łowicz

Alleluja Salve florens Virga Jesse (extract) with prosula from Łowicz (15th cent.) chant: JERYCHO dir.: Bartosz Izbicki sound: Marco Vitale - live recording from Jarosław, 20 Aug … More
My husband and I educate ourselves by making pilgrimages throughout the world. We just got back from Krakow and Warsaw Poland.

You have a beautiful churches and a beautiful country! The air smells of incense, sausage and beer all conclusive. Honestly.

God lives in hearts of the Polish people. People in other parts of the world envy you and are jealous. May the blind have eyes so they may see.… More
I can't see the spiritual merit of these belting bellowing bovine sounds. They are more reminiscent of a sailor's knee slapping shanty than the angelic choirs. It simply does not have the quality of Christian prayer.
Thank you dear Father in heaven for sparing our souls and giving us, through Your Church, the true music of prayer - Gregorian chant.