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German Lutheran Church President Receives Communion "More and More Often”

Christian Schad, 60, the president of the Lutheran church of the Palatinate informed during the General Synod of the Lutheran umbrella organisation “Union of Evangelical Churches” whose president he …
Dr Bobus
St Augustine said of Baptism that for the believer it is a blessing. For the heretic it is a curse
@Dr Bobus And before his suicide...Good luck President Schad!
Dr Bobus
Judas received Holy Communion just before his betrayal of Christ.
@Jungerheld Of course, the State is Lutheran or Modernist: it depends on the land. In Germany you have to choose: the religion of Martin Luther or the one of Walter Kasper? And do you think that these two heretics want to give money to VO.Catholics?
Old Rite Catholic communities in Germany don't receive money from the State? I didn't know that.