Bishop Schneider Starts Own Website – Answers Private Questions

Bishop Athanasius Schneider, upon whom the Vatican Secretary of State imposed a travel ban, has started his own website. The address is: www.GloriaDei.io. The website contains information about …
Bishop Scheider, with embarrassing ease, picked up Bergoglio's lie regarding the Abu Dhabi declaration. In one moment the myth of the belligerent bishop from Kazakhstan collapsed.

Oh, Saint Athanasius of Alexandria, is there no longer a Catholic bishop in the whole world, not even in Central Asia?
Donna Bethell
Bishop Schneider did not accept the Pope's private acquiescence. He asked him for an official correction and he asked all Cardinals and Bishops to ask him for an official correction. This isn't over yet.
Ich lade alle Sprecher des Deutschen ein, diesen Artikel mit dem Bischof zu teilen, so wie ich es getan habe. Das grundlegende Problem unserer Zeit besteht darin, dass die deutsche Übersetzung des Code of Canon Law gravierende Fehler enthält.

Number two - great news!
The remnant church is starting to prepare for a possible division in the future...
Watch the videos, he comments on the Roman Catechism