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The Ultimate Culprit is the Fake «Reforms» of Second Vatican Council – by Fr Philip Bruno Penguine

No one yet seems to bother to do a forensic investigation within the Church to identify the reasons for the homosexual abuses. It all goes back to the influence of Vatican II. This council was called…
GChevalier mentioned this post in Deux constats accablants de l'anticléricalisme de Vatican II et de l'Antéchrist.
The uncanonical excommunication of Fr Feeney MICM was a canary in the mine, something procured by Kennedy lackey Cardinal Cushing. If you read his intro to the Bible Missal of the early '60s (I've one with pasted in autographs of various SSPX priests ranging from Bp Fellay to one Fr Abraham, a controversial priest) you can read the words of a convinced Modernist, the NOM patently couldn't come … More
The Church was infiltrated a way before. The infiltration is the cause. The council is but a chapter in the works of the masons, communists et al. that endeavour to destroy the Church. And, in any case, more important is the postconcilium than theCouncil itself...