Why Is Francis So Afraid of the Roman Rite?

During a February 14 audience for the participants in the plenary of the Liturgy Congregation, Pope Francis read a text about the liturgical development of the past fifty years which sounded like a …
Please, listen; You'll understand why we have Pope Francis.
May those who have eyes SEE, and those who have ears Hear!

Why Is Francis So Afraid Of The Roman Rite?
It is no secret…..for the same reason as his post-Vatican II, predecessors have been…..yes, or, no!
That impious man fears and hates the True Mass.
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It is the Gregorian Mass that "puts the worldly before the spiritual"? That would be laughable for it's complete stupidity if it weren't so infuriating in it's audacity.

Why does "Francis" fear the Roman Rite? He doesn't fear it, he hates it. Just read his remarks. And why does he hate it? Because it is genuinely Catholic from start to finish, top to bottom. That he can't abide.
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