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Don Reto Nay

Chastity Advice that Actually Works

Jackie and Bobby offer advice on how to practically live out the virtue of chastity. There's a big difference between talking about chastity and living chastely. If you've made the commitment, but … More
Don Reto Nay
@Holy Cannoli : Your comment is not without merit.
Ave Crux
I agree. Chastity begins with elevated customs, dignified dress and self-possession. Interior chastity is reflected in modest decorum: one serves the other.

I immediately shut it off after his initial comment about how people ask him "How to live chastely without losing their minds...." This is how sick our civilization has become, as though living chastely is a source of insanity rather than … More
Yes, it is to be taken very seriously....
Holy Cannoli
This is the first time I’ve seen one of their videos and it will be the last time.

I would have preferred to read the message rather than being presented with it by a guy in a t-shirt who looked like he was about to the mow the lawn and a continually gesticulating woman who was interrupting the ‘lawn cutter’ with annoying regularity. The swath of blonde hair cascading on one side of … More