Some good advice from a weblogger I like.

Throw Away Your JP II Catechism NOW!

The astonishing (if we did not know the man) episode of formal heresy concerning the Capital Punishment teaches us some lessons that may not be plea…
Joseph a' Christian
False Pope Wojtyla took part in the Vatikan II rebellion, against our wonderful Almighty God. He was one of the false bishops of satan, promoting the tremendously evil/destructive gang of Muhammads. (Nostrae Aetate)
Muhammad began his gang in the 600’s, they would rob and murder travelers on the trade route to Mecca. For 1,400 years, these demons grew in numbers and raped, enslaved and slaughtere… More
angry bob
I use the Spirago Catechism Explained from 1899. Hop this link works.