Anything Goes: Bishop Allows Nurses To "Anoint" The Sick

Springfield Bishop Mitchell Rozanski, USA, "allowed" nurses on March 25 to perform [invalid] anointings of the sick. Rozanski planned that a priest would stand outside the room while a nurse would …
Deacon Waugh
Just another horses arse of a Bishop. We have so many of them now. Stop giving them money!
Another Fagola of the Bergoglian (Antipope) Homosexual Network Strangling the Church.
If a nurse can wear a gown and a mask and walk into a sick-room safely, why can't a priest? That collar-size reveals he's read more take-out menus than Catholic doctrine.
Dr Bobus
Looking at his biography, I see that he studied theology at Pathological College. Another example of a cleric who is not familiar with basic principles of Doctrine. In any class on the Sacraments, even to teenagers, the question of who is the minister is a necessary part of instruction.
Poor sick people, they expect a sacrament, this bad man gives them a sacrilege... Do the math