Sentimental Francis Close To Tears, Voice Broken

Francis presided a Palm Sunday Eucharist in Peter’s which due to the coronavirus panic was nearly empty. When saying the words “let us commemorate the Lord’s entry into the city for our salvation,” …
Please, talk about me a little bit.
Novella Nurney
Nah, he just needs a cough drop, or perhaps some lemon and honey tea. His throat is still sore from all the ranting a few days ago, against The Mother of God. The Virgin of virgins, The Immaculate Conception, The Destroyer of All Heresies, The Mediatrix of All Grace's, Help of Christians, and She Who Shall Crush the Serpants Head!
Does not look too good at all. I think you might be mistaking breathlessness for emotion.
It's just "allergies". ;-) That's what all the walking-dead keep insisting when their horrible coughing clears the aisle at the supermarket
Novella Nurney
I do believe , perhaps, Francis ( or as he prefers to be addressed Jorge)does have some rather nasty allergies. We all are likely aware of what he is allergic to.
On a personal note, as I am looking out my kitchen window, every car in the lot is bright yellow-green from pollen. I do have seasonal allergies and they can be quite a boon in grabbing that last roll of t.p. :)
Oh, you fiend. :D