Don Reto Nay

LA archdiocese to file criminal complaint against nuns accused of embezzling cash for gambling …

Sisters Mary Kreuper and Lana Chang allegedly took money from the school where they worked, and spent it travelling to Vegas and gambling in casinos.
Looks like she spent some of her pilfered money at the hairdresser. If you don't want to wear the habit or live in community, don't pretend to have a religious vocation. Stay in the secular world where you obviously want to be anyway. Calling shmalling.
Any "Religious Sister" who dresses in secular fashions has insufficient commitment in her soul to her "chosen Bridegroom".
The Nuns "Bridal" habit is a formal robe, meant to pronounce her virtue and purity - they attire themselves by the Will of God in a gift of charity given them by their order. Their Veil is a similar attribute - it depicts that they are Brides of Christ.

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So true, well said.
Holy Cannoli
In some settings outward identification makes members of religious orders less approachable, thus hindering rather than furthering the proclamation of the gospel. Also, as religious women took on increasingly diverse occupations after Vatican II, they adapted their dress accordingly. Any religious sister or brother will tell you that wearing a habit has both advantages and disadvantages.