Pope Francis sent a handwritten letter to an Argentine judge saying that despite being an “economic disaster,” life has to be prioritized over the economy as not to provoke a “virionic genocide.”

Pope warns of 'virionic genocide' if governments prioritize economy over people during pandemic

Pope Francis walks during Urbi and Orbi prayer (Latin for To the City and To the World) in an empty St. Peter's Square, at the Vatican, Friday, …
Francis spent the past 7 years saying that the Church should be a "field hospital", must be a "field hospital", we need her to be a "field hospital". Now, a pandemic and all ecclesiastical "field hospitals" closed. Where are the "doctors"?
Marxists see economic crises as a useful tool to destabilize capitalist governments. It's why leftists have such consistently "bad" economic policies.
But the importance for the protection and salvation of the soul, at all cost's must be abandoned, it will not be tolerated. This rigid view of the soul, and its importance is nolonger valid its view is archaic steeped in tradition which is nolonger valid and it must be crushed.
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COVID can kill, but economic crisis, mental illness and isolation can too. There is an indefinite loss of our basic freedoms, like freedom to assemble, to work and to worship together