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Francis: "No Room For Homosexuals In Seminaries" - Does He Mean It?

Homosexuality in the clergy and in consecrated life "is something that concerns me" and is “a very serious issue”, Pope Francis says in a book-interview with Father Fernando Prado ("The Force of …
St. Anthony of Padua: "Actions speak louder than words; let your words teach and your actions speak."
Apostate James Martin Slams Bergoglio Claims his comments against homosexual priests and religious are 'wrong and hurtful'…/fr.-james-marti…
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Jim Dorchak
Say one thing and repeat it often. Do another thing.....Lies. More lies, and damn lies..... In this case he is saying the exact opposite of what he thinks, believes, does and requires.... No surprise.
Le premier homo de la planète est l'Antéchrist ; c'est pourquoi il peut affirmer le contraire.
The pope's statements were from conversations between him and the book author in AUGUST at the Vatican - most likely after the McCarrick scandal broke out but before Vigano's revelations came out implicating the pope of coverup. After Vigano's revelations, I don't think the pope even wants to talk about homosexuality in the clergy anymore.…/281852939637459
“In our societies, it even seems homosexuality is fashionable. And this mentality, in some way, also influences the life of the church.” - Pope Francis
So how did the drug fueled Vatican orgy happen...
One day orthodox, six days nonsense and error - just a tactic.
@Tesa not "purportedly", Ricca is a public homosexual, who, while in Montevideo, Uruguay, engaged in public sodomy with his Partner and was caught by the police. This man is the administtator of Casa Santa Marta, where Frank lives; and is the prelate of the IOR, better known as the Vatican Bank. Do your math....
So much for ‘Who am I to judge?” (which was in reference to a purportedly gay priest/advisor)
Pray resit reject and refuse ,evil idiologies
We would like to believe and pray so ,but what we see show us diferently
Dr Bobus
To summarize what I wrote previously: The pope sees no need to have consistency in what he says on the same subject in differing curcumstances. This all but embraces deception.
Dr Bobus
The pope's comment were triggered by Cardinal Müller saying that homosexuals are being promoted beyond all measure.

Francis is an intellectual son of Karl Rahner, who thought that whatever is said or written is essentially determined by historical circumstances, i.e., the intellect is not capable of knowing Truth.
Sometimes real news can be fake news. reports real news but Jorge speaks fake news. How do i know ... cuz actions speak louder than words!
The devoted Priests are being bullied and removed . If you believe your words, raise up the devout & pious, elevate them to the high positions and let all "that is rotten" FALL
Also if you seek obediance to your commands, then, be obediant yourself to the commands of the Pope's that came before you. Pope Pius V was a great Pope who presided over the last DOGMATIC Council. The Holy Spirit … More
It's a usual thing commie tyrants do, like Chávez, who said many things Frankie repeats (like "people's science", or the entire speech for the popular movements of 2014). Chávez used to say things that resonated to his audiences. So, you had to find out who he was talking to and in what situation, in order to understand the exact meanning. Besides, he needed to export his revolution, so he had … More
I will believe it, when he asks for resignations from Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops and half the Vatican staff!
Francis fills the Vatican with sodomites and homosexualists. Oh, and who is he to judge??
alex j
Colloquially, an Aussie response to such utterances from Francis, "Bullsh..!!!"
Talk is meaningless. His actions belie his words.