Big Mistake: Priest Makes Procession With Miraculous Crucifix

Father Domenico Cirigliano, 76, was fined €400 for having processed with a miraculous crucifix through Rocca Imperiale, Italy. However, he refused to sign a police report and to pay the coronavirus …
The film on Garabandal was not able to be seen in the cinema's over Easter due to the Virus. The film makers are making it available FREE online just over Holy Week.
tried to watch it, but was impossible
That Priest REALLY LOVES Jesus ! May God raise up others with an identical love that they are willing to demonstrate out there on the streets for all to see.

God Bless you Father! It's these open demonstrations of worship on the part of the Priesthood that make such a difference to us
Joseph a' Christian
Beautiful honor to Christ our King.
God bless you, Father! To bad millions of Catholics didn't join you
Alex A
More power to this priest!!! Oh GOD, there be more of his ilk.
This is what Catholic Italy has come to: arresting priests for following their faith.
A true priest.