Catholic Answers Begins Promoting Alyssa Milano's New Chastity Talk

Catholic Answers announced this past Saturday that they will begin promoting their new lineup of chastity of speakers, including Alyssa Milano, in …
Would that the world would contemplate the difference between a "sex strike" and chastity.

But I ask too much.
We all know that Eye of the Tiber is a satirical site...right?

E.g. Catholic Dimwit Didn’t Even Know Wednesday Ashes Come from Cremated Pets


Pope Retracts Punch In The Face Remark; Says He Would Kick Them In Nuts
Could she possibly be a more gigantic bubble head? If nothing else her "right course of action for the wrong reasons" approach should at least impeach her once and for all as someone worth listening to even among the celebrity worshipers who actually, up until now, take her seriously.
Bless her little heart!
In related show Biz news, Caitlyn Marie Jenner (born William Bruce Jenner; October 28, 1949) will give a talk titled "Be All You Can Be" and why the show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" makes Me Sick."