Stay Out of Politics: Francis Engaged in Propaganda For Socialist Politician

During his July 7 lunch in the General House of the Jesuits in Rome, Pope Francis received the Brazilian "Free Lula Movement". Luiz Lula is a former salon-socialist president of Brazil, admired by …
Un rouge qui soutient un rouge, rien de plus normal ; et un corrompu qui soutient un corrompu, rien de plus normal ; le premier est l'Antéchrist et le second Lula.
Well, good [VERY] old Beegoglio does this, so no one has a single doubt. With the author of La mediación marxista de la fe católica (The Marxist Mediation of the Catholic Faith), my compatriot [I'm so proud], Arturo Sosa, he sets the record straight: he is a marxist kabbalist jew infiltrator, allied with the scumb of the earth, that he cannot deny he knows of ...
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The Catechism warns that the imposture of the antichrist is a politics disguised as Religion, an intrinsically diabolic pseudo-messianism. Bergoglio does not promote the Catholic faith but cultural Marxism. likes this.
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