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Fr. Michael Rodriguez speaks at City Council Again 1-31-12

Photo ~ Fr. Michael Rodríguez defends Catholic teaching Address to El Paso City Council by Fr. Michael Rodríguez Tuesday, Jan 31, 2012 The Remnant Online ~ In the middle of our dark, secular, godless…
Ben Martin
What did the Novus Ordo Bishops do---punish the man and restrict him---

More Fruit of the V2
Fr. Michael Rodríguez

God bless this priest!

If half the priests in the world today spoke-up like this priest we would have a more sane world!
Excellent video and speech by Fr. Rodriguez, let's pray for him so that he has the strength and wisdom to overcome all evils.
Yes, the Church codemns sodomy but for that decree to have any "teeth" the Church must act against clergy (including bishops) who are openly gay. Just expect that if you treat homosexual persons with respect, compassion, and sensitivity you may not get that in return.
holyrope 3
Great job Father! Bless you for not being afraid to stand up for God's truth! Praying for you!