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Miss Maria

Our Father

Patience is truly a virtue. How God has so much patience with His Children. pax Maria More
God came among us One who was weak, and we destroyed Him. He is in the eyes of the poor, the hungry, the sick, the oppressed and the suffering. Rather than being treated with honour, He was treated with contempt, and rather than being crowned with laurels He was given thorns.

The Father showed His love for us in the sacrifice He made for His children, and like the son in the video, people … More
WOW.... so powerful...

Thank you, my dear sister in Christ, for this video.

Pax tecum,

Very nice...we should also put ourselves in the other's shoes. And to see Christ in everyone. Not easy to do. St. Paul pray for us.
Very touching and moving video - Thanks so much for sharing God Bless