Beware of False Prophets: Unorthodoxy Reigns at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress

The Los Angeles Religious Education Congress (REC) is approaching once again. Boasting an attendance of nearly 40,000, the event is considered the largest gathering of Catholics in the country. …
Actually they are not Catholics. likes this.
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Los Angeles diocese, unsurprisingly with a radical Leftist Latino directing religious education. facepalm.jpg
Could they be any more vague. Call them what they are, SODOMITES! They reject God. and one more user like this. likes this.
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Should have said MOST, and that they support the changes.
Honestly Thor, I think more are. The ones that don't support Bergoglio, are in denial and suffering.
Bergoglio has been excommunicated.
That is clear from the articles Council of Trent.
As such he is longer pope.
( many , including myself, have concluded without doubt, that since Amoris Laetitia and the revelations concerning the failed abdication of Pope Benedict, that Bergolio has never been a valid pope . )
Unfortunately all Catholics worldwide are not yet fully aware of the satanic conduct of Antipope Francis in relation to the matter of the church’s teaching on homosexuality.
With one tip of his forked tongue Francis claims to uphold that teaching and with the other tip welcomes priests together with their homosexual partners.…/408718