Francis Blesses Cross Of Refugees

Francis spoke sombrely as he unveiled a cross bearing a battered red life jacket that was used by an unknown migrant who drowned in the Mediterranean in July.
The ugliness of this ‘art’ object bespeaks of its distorted spiritual origins.
This is scandalous, he is a layman and has no power to bless, he also "blessed" a Cross where Jesus Christ is replaced with vest, with symbol of man. This is mockery, this is as Pope Pius X said, man in place of God. See more at this important well documented article, also about John Paul II:

Gesù è con noi
In the apostate church of Bergoglio there is no God, it is ridiculous that they continue treating this apostate who worships the Pachamama as if he were a god. The cult of man drop Christ and God is replaced by man to become the center of the worship of this false church.
Gesù è con noi
En la iglesia apóstata de Bergoglio no hay Dios, es ridículo que continúen tratando a este apóstata que adora a la Pachamama como si fuera un dios. El culto al hombre suplanta a Cristo y Dios es reemplazado por el hombre para convertirse en el centro de la adoración de esta iglesia falsa.