Demonstrators loot churches in Chile and burn statues of Jesus

Santiago's Plaza Italia has been used for three weeks as the main gathering site for mass demonstrations but yesterday a hooded group of protestors …
Jorge of the Pachamamas unleased evil at his idol worship.... punishment is here NOW
Our Lady of Akita pray for us.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
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Where is the police?
I believe very similar demonstrators “demon”strators will some day loot the Vatican....the Vatican needs to be reconsecrated after that idol worship session. If not, the Vatican will surely meet the same fate....
@tbswv ...because marxists always use "protest" as a cover for their looting and vandalism. As for who funds them, that's a very curious subject indeed.
Whenever I see the scale of these protests I wonder who funds these protests. This does not look like a grass roots protest. And the police presence is minimal. If they are protesting government why are they looting and desecrating churches?
I live in Chile. Thank God Santiago is a different country.
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