Cupich: It would be 'counterproductive' to deny Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians

Cupich: ‘Counterproductive’ to deny Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians | Catholic Herald

While two Illinois bishops are unified in their strong opposition to the state’s new abortion law, they differ on the question of prohibiting to …
Mccarrick little boy cupich. Repent hell awaits you
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Who actually listens to this little heretical man, "Cardinal" Sewage. and one more user like this. likes this.
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Likely Blazing Cupcakes supports abortion or thinks like his blasphemous master Bergoglio that it is a minor matter. likes this.
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He says is priority is to teach , Teach what the gospel according to a sinful world ?or to tell the people the truth even if its painfull likes this.
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