Sarah: Coronavirus Has Panicked Triumphant Modernity

Cardinal Robert Sarah regrets that the Church has committed herself to the struggle for a "better world.” He explained to (May 19) that, accordingly, the Church is now fighting for ecolog…
Novella Nurney
I thought the reason for the Church existing was " the salvation of souls",not " faith". Faith and liturgy play a part of that, but false religions have faith and liturgy, but not the capacity to save souls.
That's a exceptionally astute distinction. Lucidly stated, as well.
Please God, reset the world with the 3 days of darkness soon....
De Profundis
"The Church has committed herself to the struggles for a better world. She has been right to support ecology, peace and the equitable distribution of wealth. These struggles are just but they could make us forget the words of Jesus: My kingdom is not of this world" Cardinal Sarah
All is vanity