This same woman in clergyman appears all the time

(black arrow right) Santa Maria in Traspontina on the Via della ConciliazioneMore
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Santa Maria in Traspontina on the Via della Conciliazione
I’m not sure 🤔 why God is allowing this to happen
We have enough women in clerics as it is.
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Susi 47
She has tooo much time
And too less braun
She could be the white of Babylon...opos the Amazon
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
Makes me want to vomit.
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It seems she was also present at the Pachamama-ceremony in the Vatican gardens
This person is "indigenous" to some place, as we all are, but it's certainly not the Amazon.
It may not even be a woman. I don't know what that is from this picture, but it certainly looks like two idiots.
She could be this anglican preacher
Sie wollten wohl sagen "clergywoman" oder noch besser, "Clergywife"! Vielleicht eine Schönborn-Diakonin!?
Who is she and why is she so prevalent in so many of the photos at this time