Synod: Woman Dresses as "Priest", Bishops As Laymen, Female Indio Breastfeeds Animal

Amazonian items are displayed on the marble altars of Santa Maria in Traspontina, a Roman church in the street Via della Conciliazione. The objects include Pachamama-idols, rattles, bowls, nets, and …
Marxist Synod: Woman Dresses as "Priest", Bishops As Layman and a new age god represented by cosmic connection with a Indigenous woman Breastfeeds Animal
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The infamous picture of the Indigenous woman Breastfeeds Animal that quoted Laudato Si "everything is connected" denies the biblical God and presents a cosmic Masonic god.
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Here is another picture of the lay-dressed bishops today from the Synod hall.
Here is the absolute stupidity of of it all... Do you suppose any of them are "free" to wear a cassock? Just imagine if a priest in a cassock were seen drinking from a plastic straw!
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Wow is that a woman? I thought that only men painted their faces? Ohhh the one in the collar is a woman.... ok I just thought is was just another gay priest.
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