And Coronavirus: Huge Amount Of Traffic, Standstill in Donations

Abortionist Who Thinks He Has the Coronavirus Stops Killing Babies for 14 Days to Self-Quarantine

A Texas abortionist who sparked outrage in February for saying it “makes his day” to see a woman come back for an abortion just announced that he …
Esto parece un aviso para que se convierta. Si no hace caso del aviso, no tardará en encontrarse entre las llamas del infierno.
Great publicity stunt for social virtue signalling. I'm an ethical child-murderer. I don't want my patients to get sick while I'm killing their babies. Also a clever way to subversively advertise his services. "if there’s no one to cover me, patients will have to wait.” -and you can bet someone will back-date the paper-work if it means getting a patient in under any deadlines.
This is a great mercy from God to this mass killer. Let us pray he converts and becomes a hero to the pro life movement