Patriarch Bartholomew: “Reunion With Catholic Church Inevitable”

At a recent visit on Mount Athos, Greece, Greek-Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople tried to convince several abbots that there are no dogmatic differences between Orthodoxy and …
I do believe in Christianity, and my impression is that a system must be divine which has survived so much insane mismanagement. likes this.
It's bad enough we're all stuck with Francis, why on earth would these people want to follow his lead?
Bartholomew "In his opinion, the division that now exists between Orthodoxy and Catholicism is merely a matter of historical events, not dogmatic differences."
The reunion with our acceptance of them like in Assisi is antichrist and for the antechrist... THEY MUST CONVERT.
To most Orthodox, Bartholomew is thier Francis, at least those I am acquainted to in Serbia, and Ukraine . He appears to be able to perform the " faux piety " bit with more success and " sincerity ".
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