Big Show

Vatican staff are sanitizing St. Peter's Basilica today, in view of Italy's churches reopening next week. (Photos copyright Vatican Media)


Novella Nurney
Nah, the " Traditionalists" have them on lease, Francis has them on a leash.
Here is my question...I have not heard anywhere that coronavirus germs last more than three days on any surface. So what is the purpose of this disinfecting everywhere? It is a pretend measure to placate our (false) fears. This is the mindset of many toward religion. When Jesus returns, will he find faith on the earth?
It's just as you said. It's a gimmick. Look! We're fightin' Covid! It's a great way for some lucky "decontamination company" to pick up a fat check from the Vatican and, if necessary, provide a perfect excuse for another delay. "All these buildings are takin' longer than we thought..."
Our Lady of Sorrows
Does "Bergoglio" have Cardinal Burke and other Traditionists on a lease?