“If we do have a vaccine...we’ll be able to give it to a lot of people very, very rapidly”

Donald Trump tells Maria Bartiromo that US Military is being mobilized in order to support distribution of coronavirus vaccine “by the end of the year”
J G Tasan
Psalm 109: 8
666 mark on the run is coming
Roberto 55
I have no need for vaccine and debilized military mr. president.
Jim Dorchak
What happened to a woman's choice? Or a mans for that matter?
Talk to any of your divorced buddies and you'll see how much "choice" men are given in court, especially when it comes to custody and visitation rights. ;-)
Jim Dorchak
Hahahahahah........... divorced ............ rights............... hahahahah
No tanks (pun intended) I'll pass on a "military issued" vaccine. Their own vaccination record stinks. Anybody still remember "Gulf War Syndrome"?
Our Lady of Sorrows
No vaccine for me!
Alex A
Me to!