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Bishop Thomas Tobin supports Cardinal Müller

Bishop Thomas Tobin: "I just read Cardinal Mueller's "Manifesto of Faith." I really appreciate his clear, concise, and ordered approach. Highly quotable, and an excellent summary of the faith. "May … More
This is also from Thomas

Holy Cannoli
It’s important to note this approval was made by Bishop Thomas Tobin not the mezza fanook Joseph Tobin of N.J.

I am hopeful that the Manifesto will have traction but who knows? Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano’s pointed accusations went nowhere not in small part because of attacks from the men listed below.

Francis’ public supporters (read: stooges): Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark, Cardinal … More
Schönborn will change his mind with a new Pope. Ever flexible liberal who was a stout neo con under JP2. The USBC head did seem to partly back Abp Vignono but Francis used that as an opportunity to circumvent and humiliate him when he vetoed voting on abuse guidelines.

This hyper centralisation is not traditional. The cathedral chapters so respected at Trent are now almost history, even if they … More