A Victim’s Account Fuels a Reckoning Over Sex With Children in France

A French author wrote for years about his sexual relations with children and continued to win acclaim. Now one of them has spoken out. Gabriel Matzne…
Bravo, for Ms. Springora for having the determination and courage to tel the truth. Pedophiles love to blame the victim, and they are the innocent men granting a liberating experience to their young adolescents who are too young to be able to understand or consent to sex with an older man.
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Such is the "European sophistication" leftists would see here in America: anyone given sufficient media acclaim becomes above the law.
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French writer Gabriel Matzneff never hid the fact that he engaged in sex with girls and boys in their early teens or even younger. Still, he never spent a day in jail for his actions or suffered any repercussion. Instead, he won acclaim again and again.