a word cloud of the pope's latest Apostolic Exhortation, Querida Amazonia

It gives a sense of the overall emphasis of the document.
In a ‘poor Church, for the poor’, ultimately there isn’t enough money to support a married Priesthood.
TCH: The greatest source of amazement is your comment on every news item about the pope. And always the same comment.... Don't you get bored of yourself?
Do you get bored of saying the Hail Mary over and over again? Saying that Francis is an Antichrist is good, that the elect may see it.
Pattfm: Saying the Hail Mary is an act of love; repeating over and over again that Francis is an Antipope is an act of hatred. Don't you see the difference?
"Saying that Francis is an Antichrist is good, that the elect may see it." is a spiritual work of mercy.
Pattfm: You have the same strange conception of mercy as pope Francis has.
Antipope Francis?
You don't know what a spiritual work of mercy is?
One more comment from Pattfm
Many take Francis as their pope either because of Ignorance or of an addiction to a grievous sin.
Repent! Repent! Repent!
I see the word “God” gets a few mentions.
Antipope francis has rejected the Holy Trinity and therefore does not believe in God.
Why people bother with these endless pamphlets from a former excommunicated catholic priest like Bergoglio is a source of amazement.