Vatican envoy tells U.S. bishops to get in line with Pope Francis in ‘bomb-drop’ address

Archbishop Christophe Pierre said its time to start following the Magisterium of Pope Francis.
The US BISHOPS need to tell the Vatican to get in line. USA is the Vatican cash cow. We call the shots, facts indicate a large number of Catholics have not been giving money to local churches. This is well deserved and American laypeople should stop all funds to new rite church’s and only support Latin rite!!! likes this.
Archbishop Pierre is no more than a shill for Antipope Francis the Apostate; merely a talking head for the Homosexual Network Strangling the Church. Too bad the Network is also in charge of and exemplified by the American bishops—a sadder collection of fems and fags would be hard to imagine, or find even in Greenwich Village and Hells Kitchen, N. Y. C. likes this.
Follow Jorge of the Pachamamas or you will go to hell.....not logical.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle.
God bless Archbishop Viganò
Follow Jorge and you will go to hell. likes this.