Did John Paul II Heal Cardinal Ratzinger?

Between 1991 and 1992, Cardinal Ratzinger was struck by a serious illness while he was working on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. He was admitted to a private clinic in Rome, likely the Casa …
Deacon Waugh
Also, he sat atop the worlds largest sodomite pederast sex scandal in two thousand years and watched the Church Priesthood and Episcopate be over-run by homosexuals and never did anything about it. Is this really Saint material?
JPII was a modernist. Modernists don't work miracles
Novella Nurney
By the way, Bergui, as always, doesn't have power, the Church has no divisions (Stalin) and the Vatican is in trouble for 50 million dollars or so, when Bill Gates alone exhibits a fortune of 100+ billion.... The Church has AUTHORITY, not poder, remember, for instance, Gregory VII, ETC.
Of course, it doesn't say anything... could be or could be not. If it was, then your attacks go against THIS (always remember Gamaliel)... That's why I find hard that you ever believe THIS. BUT, if it's true, I pray wholehartedly that you DO.