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War on Christmas: Amazon Labels Nativity Story as ‘Holiday Fiction’

Amazon Labels Christmas Story as ‘Holiday Fiction’

Amazon is touting a new children’s book narrating the birth of Jesus Christ as its “#1 New Release in Children’s Christian Holiday Fiction.” The …
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Majority of Catholics at my church have an unquenchable desire to shop at any pro-abortion corporation, especially this one.
These secularists athiests anti christians will do everything and anything to erase the name of our Lord Jesus Christs from the face of the world . But I will say that they are fools , because the war has been won about 2020 years ago , Jesus is Alpha and Omega ,Lord of Lords and King of Kings for ever and ever and praise be to God .Amen likes this.
I'm willing to bet that children's books about Eid and Hannukah are still filed under "Religion." Funny thing about that..
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