[I don't think this is true, but it shows the double standard] Said by others, it is called anti-semitism. "LGBT Equality" is "a jewish fight"

Opinion | Racial Justice and LGBTQ Equality Are The Same Fight. It’s A Jewish Fight.

On the anniversary of Juneteenth and the Stonewall Riots, Jews must remember that LGBTQ Jews and Jews of Color must be welcomed to our community.
Satan is the ape of God. The enemies of the Cross seek to imitate the supreme Christ Victim because they know the power of His victinhood. It is violent mimetic rivalry by those who resent and want to obliterate the saving power of the Cross.
This is what the jews do. They demoralize Christian nations so they can control them and carry out their anti Christ agenda. They use WWII as their excuse for perpetual victim hood. As if they were the only ones persecuted during the war. They perpetrated the Holodomor! jews are behind Abortion and porn.