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March for Life, On Mars it would be human. On Earth?

If we found this organism on another planet, it would be considered a life."
Holy Cannoli
He is correct. Shapiro, a Jew, often appears more Christian than some Catholics.
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Followed by Karen and VP Mike Pence
Life on Mars?
Only Catholics believe that you may go to the Moon, land there and have 3 days picknic... in temperatures ...what are the temp on the Moon? Wiki?

How may you survive in such temperatures?

Only Catholics believe in false heliocentric theory.
Protestants reject that theory, Muslims reject that false theory...
So why Catholics believe in spinning ball orbiting the Sun?

Why Catholic… More
De Profundis
"The future of this vast country lies in the hands of young people who believe that it has been created as one nation under God, and no human authority has the right to challenge the law of God." ++Christophe Pierre to the Mass For Life ahead of today's March For Life
Only four countries allow abortions after 24 weeks gestation; North Korea, China, Vietnam and the United States of America