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Pope Francis Desecrates the High Altar at St. Peters with Pagan Idol

Opening ceremony at Amazon Synod presents pagan idol before the high altar at St. Peters with Pope Francis in procession.
Father Hugo Valdemar, from the Archdiocese of Mexico: “This idol (Pachamama) an exorcist explained to me is the figure of the antichrist, it is a parody of Mary, a mockery of Mary, who is pregnant and brings the antichrist to give birth the Amazonian church, to destroy the sacraments, return to idolatry, superstition ” 🤨
Those who have boarded the Bergoglio´s canoe of Pachamama that is heading for destruction have abandoned the ship of salvation of Saint Peter. 🤦
Padre Hugo Valdemar, canónigo penitenciario de la Arquidiócesis Primada de México: “Este ídolo un exorcista me explicó es la figura del anticristo, es una parodia de María, una burla de María, que está embarazada y trae al anticristo para darlo a luz en la iglesia amazónica, para destruir los sacramentos, volver a la idolatría, a la superstición”
Quienes se han subido a la canoa de la Pachamama de Bergoglio que se dirige a la destrucción eterna han abandonado el barco de salvación de San Pedro.
Depressing travesty. Who's the old guy in Picture In Picture?
It sounds like some hapless protestant, who is even more confused, then the Catholics
Hey, I appreciate the heads-up. Didn't want to watch such an icky thing just to find out. Looked like a "my reaction video" anyhow.
J G Tasan
😀 😁