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Carnival: Abbot Shows Up as a Negro

For this year’s carnival, the abbot of Heiligenkreuz near Vienna presented himself this year as a Negro. The neoconservative-liberal monastery published pictures on social network. In terms of new …
We must pray that somewhere in the Church is a Margaret Mary Alacoque who is on her knees before the Sacred Heart offering herself as victim.
Nothing promotes respect for the Catholic Church like clerics costuming for an old-time minstel show. :/
Jean Pateau de Fontgombault will surely soon be doing the same under the enthusiastic gaze of the tradisphere ... Let's not forget that this abbey, in the year of the so-called Mercy, welcomed in its church gypsies with a mass olé-olé novus ordo with podium, guitar and all the rest !!!
Then again, it's good news that we don't know of any of the monks dressing in drag....