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...which, ALSO mean we can keep celebrating Easter with all those delicious candies made for this season. The 50% discount sales start today since "the holiday" is over. Stock up now. The seasonal and candy aisles will be empty by Friday!
I enjoy getting some of my not-so-young childrens' favorites at the 50% and then 75% off sales. Of course, the same is true during the Christmas season. It's nice on the wallet.
This is the optimal time to purchase Cadbury Creme Eggs! They are manufactured ONLY for this holiday. I have personally known serious devotees of those delicious little confections who buy in bulk for the the rest of the year.

I'm not -that- serious, mainly because my waistline and, worse, my complexion would suffer badly. But it's easy to appreciate their fanaticism.
@Ultraviolet : think also about all the penances we can do by the way :)…/Secret-Still-Hi…
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