Jesus ABDUCTED BY ALIEN at Papal Mass

24/11/2013 Blond woman kidnaps Jesus in the Mass of Christ The King, at the end of the year of faith. Please offer acts of charity (Mass, Rosary, prayers, sacrifices and acts of mercy) for the … More
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Monika Schr.
Sie macht doch das Kreuzzeichen über sich von rechts nach links (in der Orthodoxie bei Laien üblich) und nicht von links nach rechts (bei den röm-… More

Un ángel llamado Ludovica

Documental acerca de la vida de Sor Ludovica, religiosa italiana que administró el Hospital de Niños del Río de la Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, y sirvió al Señor a través de la asistencia a los … More
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Blood Money: the business of abortion 2010 documentary Bloodmoney

Blood Money: the business of abortion 2010 documentary on the abortion industry, dirty secrets pro-choice people and politicians are hiding from you. Check this blog: intolerant-tolerants.blogspot.… More
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for me works fine. if you have some problems you could download this movie first.
I am trying to share this with my friends, but around the 16 minute mark the video has no sound? Please advise.