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L'Apparizione Mariana del 1/11/2013 ad Angela Bartoli - Velletri (Roma)

… Eternal Life. I'd like that you to pray for Priests. a special prayer …for My son Don Angelo. he … . And pray forall Priests of the world. May …God bless you in the name of the Father. the … Velletri . Rome. Friday. 1st November 2013
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Incroyable! Cette vidéo a été enregistrée avant l'élection de Bergoglio!

better for you that one man should die …for the people than …for the whole nation to be … that Jesus would die for the entire nation. 52 And not only …for that nation. but to … bring together and unite all

Medjugorje 2 messages préoccupants

children. I love you allAll of you. …all of my children. …all of you are in my heart. …All of you have my motherly … and I desire to lead all of you to come to know … will accept the Word of God
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>>> >>> 3ème Secret de FATIMA & AKITA : même Secret !!! <<< <<<

2013 http. … a strong devotion to God Their humble spirits … FULL of Charity and Love for neighbor. It is OUR … duty as adults to do all we … their way not even seeing the punishment of God

Un futur aumônier musulman des Forces canadiennes, Jalal Khaldoune, décrit le djihad sans sa dimens…

… Youssef Qaradawi . We depend on others for military power. Those … same people who make all sorts of weapons and … sell them to us. But for them. we would be unarmed. defenseless … people until they testify that there is no god

Lettre ouverte aux prêtres de la Fraternité sacerdotale Saint Pie X par Mgr Williamson …

… year. confirms our worst fears. We waited for nearly a year to know … . It proves once and forall that the present leadersh … from the direction set for it by Archbishop Lefebvre. and towards the … endured. Blind leaders are a punishment from God