Munich Abuse Report: Homosexual Networks Rule in German Dioceses

The dishonest Munich abuse report was honest enough to point with "emphasis" to "evidence of pronounced homosexuality" among abusers (Renovatio.…
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Admitted: Homosexuals control German dioceses
Les Crispi
Well, duh. It' s the GERMANS, man! They always mess things up. Luther, Marxism, war, war, war, the weaponization of the atom, to Benedict XVI screwing things up to allow an antipope in! It's what they do. Smart people who can't resist messing, well, everything up.

And I say this as a man who has German heritage, so calm down everyone. Just offering the facts.
Les Crispi
Ps. It was the German desire to make nuclear weapons that pressed the US to rush to do it first. Einstein and thousands of scientists implored FDR to do it. We did. Then 2 communists decided to give it to Russia. The rest is history.
One more new church, it has many buddies out there.
The gays have the full support of the Vatican
Jan Joseph
Homoseksualiteit van priesters in combinatie met het Novus Ordo, het Tweede Vaticaanse Concilie geloof, was een giftige cocktail en daardoor heeft het misbruik in de Rooms Katholieke kerk veroorzaakt.