Final Plea: Where Your Money Of Last Week Went

Dear friends, donors and everyone reading this,

Gloria.tv got on April 4 a third server for converting uploads. The most expensive part is the graphics processing unit nVidia Quadro RTX 8000. We opted for used hardware and found a server for a total of €6,000. The price of a new RTX 8000 alone is around €6,000.

Why do we need such expensive hardware? Because Gloria.tv processes up to 5,000 uploads a day, including about 1,000 videos.

The processing of these videos includes automated subtitling, which can be translated into any language using artificial intelligence. Recently, a user thanked us for the “great software” that allows her to watch videos with subtitles in her language.

We bought two machines last autumn because renting GPU servers is so expensive. Both machines were getting hot and overloaded, especially during the European evenings, so we decided to buy a third machine.

Thanks to all the generous friends who have donated. Many small donations add up to a large sum. If you still can/want to contribute to this Lenten campaign, your help is very welcome.

You can donate
by credit card or Paypal: Kindful
Bank Transfer: IBAN AT67 6000 0102 1003 6488 | BIC BAWAATWW

Together, and by the grace of our crucified Lord, we will continue this mission for his glory and for the sake of his Church.

We wish you a blessed Holy Week and Easter


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Wilma Lopez
LifeSite needs 500.000 in 3 months. Actually Gloria.tv runs very cheap....