"As 1P5 begins its 8th year online on August 1st, it will continue under new management. I am handing over the reins to the good folks at Crisis Publications, under the leadership of my friend and colleague, Eric Sammons."

It's Time to Pass the Torch - OnePeterFive

For the past couple of years, many readers and friends have expressed their concern, telling me, “You need to take a long break from all of this.” …
Unfortunately, there are no more Catholics to run on with the torch. One leaves and no one takes his place.
“More is lost by indecision than wrong decision.”
— Cicero
Who will stay to fight?
The New Knights Templar
It's taking it's toll on many people, for sure, me too!
Eva shares this
Crisis Publications has acquired 1P5 - “You need to take a long break from all of this.”
Gob bless Steve for his decision - family is first...