Needs Your Help - An Urgent Appeal
Wilma Lopez
Update on Dr. Gavin Ashenden's journey and his response to the institutional pressures that would happily castrate him spiritually.

The choice to the Church: speak up or keep your head down

Dr Gavin Ashenden(Photo: Catholic Diocese of Shrewsbury) How might St Paul, the Archduke Ferdinand and the Catholic Church come together in a …
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Former Anglican minister Gavin Ashenden halts his Catholic ordination process due to cancelled Catholics
Bless this courageous priest - thanks for posting this!
It was the Ordinariate that said he needed to give up his public platform. Dangerous, for them, to have someone who speaks Truth and has a following in the age of Francis the Merciful.
Only Mr, the Church Will God willing make him eventually what he thought he was. Impressive stand for the Truth on behalf of us all. Ave Maria
John A Cassani
Good for him. I like that he referred to Bergoglio as “Jose,” though I hope no real José’s are offended.
Malki Tzedek