New Catholic E-Book

I have decided to promote my first E-Book Novel for Ordo Militaris Catholicus; all proceeds goes to them! On Becoming Soldiers Of The Cross, Again! Ages 12 and to adult. We are already receiving reviews from parents on how well they love the book and how well their kids love it.

In the novel, you join seven Catholic young men from Boot Camp to Iraq during the War On Terrorism, where Our Lord gives them a task to defend a huge Christian town, thankfully their Superiors are Catholic as well and allows them to do this. It is here they meet our Catholic Military Heroes, who, with the help and approval of Our Lord, return to earth, and help them for a bit.

The E-Book Novel is $10 American per copy/download. We of Ordo Militaris Catholicus have been sharing it on Twitter and a lot of normal Catholics and Big name Catholics have downloaded it. They have a lot of books to review, so in a matter of time, they will get to our book and we will have their review published on the Ordo Militaris Website!

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Thanks for all you do, AJ, for the Order!