Portuguese Bishop Gets Rid of Virginity of Our Lady

“We should never refer to the physical virginity of the Virgin Mary”, Bishop Manuel Linda, 62, of Porto, Portugal, told (December 23). For him the virginity “only” means “that woman’s total devotion to God”.

For Linda Our Lady became the mother of God because she had an "undivided heart.”

But the Catholic Church has taught from the beginning that Our Lady was a virgin before, during and after the birth of Christ.

Linda’s heresy produced an outrage in Portugal, and consequently he seemingly retracted saying in his Christmas homily that the Church’s faith in Our Lady's virginity “is also my faith”.

At least, Linda made clear to everybody that his words cannot be trusted and that he is not fit to be a Catholic bishop.

Picture: Manuel Linda, #newsFxrlscsbfh
He said he was misquoted ,and he agrees that Mary was a virgen ,
De Profundis
Nothing wrong with The Bishop of Porto, Manuel Linda that St Nicholas might not have put right with a smack in the teeth.
“In Portugal, the dogma of the faith will always be preserved..." in small pockets of faithful despite the efforts of the Apostate Church.
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Too close to the father ! Like father like son !
The bishop denies a dogma of the faith and is therefore not Catholic. Real simple.
Bishop Manuel Linda of Porto: "I am a fan of Pope Francis. 200%"
De Profundis
No bishop (and no one) would like to have his mother called a "slut" in public. Even if said mother were really a woman of not great respectability. But Bp Manuel Linda thinks he can insult the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and get away with it.
This man has said sufficient for his mitre to be removed. More likely, however, is that in the Bergoglio church he has maneovered himself for promotion.
A disgusted layman writing in the same paper the next day (Catholi Sat, Twitter); "we are speaking of none other than the Mother of Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary; the excelsa Mother of God and our mother; and for us, Our Lady, Patroness and Queen of Portugal. No one educated would recant his Mother!"
A bishop that proclaimas hipocrisies and heresies is not catholic and he should remove himseslf as such
A FrancisBishop like that, a FrancisHeretic like that, can expect to go places if the Bergoglian rigging of the College of Cardinals succeeds.
All it takes is a small amount of internet research on Catholic teaching the defense of those teachings ---- and one can easily discern that Mary was a perpetual Virgin, and also, why it MUST be so.