Karol Wojtyla

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On page 5 of your publication dated September 2010, the top picture shown has the description: "The young Karol with his friend Hania: a quasi-engagement". !!!!!! But this is not a picture of Karol Wojtyla !!!! This picture is taken from a movie (I think entitled "Karol, the man who became the Pope") about the life of Karol Wojtyla and it shows fictional characters of the actors; specifically, … More
"Are you capable of giving yourselves, your time, your energy and your talent to the well-being of others? Are you capable of love? If you are, Church and society can expect great things of each one of you."
(Pope John Paul II, Manilla, Phillipines, 1995)
Sorry but what's that?

Karol Wojtyla Beatified? - Never!
@famigliacattolica - I wrote in response to all lies,insinuations and calumny that Fr Luigi Villa said about the Holy Father ,posted here by santo+subito.Read the text,the descriptions under pictures,to understand the full scale of the hateful venom he spews on the Holy Father,who following Christ's example left the throne and went all over the world to bring Christ's Word of hope and encourageme… More
Dear alinalotte. We all descend from Adam and Eve....first of all. Jesus did not came to make politic , but to tell us the true. I'm Cattolic but i'm not Jewish and this does not have nothing to do with my faith. Indeed Jesus said that to be a Christian is not necessary to be Jewish but to belive him and be baptized. He made a new alleance , this means the old one based on Jewish DNA is "game … More
Fr Luigi - as to your insinuation on page 21 - Theater stage was the only place Poles could express their patriotism and lift up the spirits of their fellow country men oppressed by regimes,during occupation,when one was denied the freedom of speech and expression and access to media .The Romantic poets,were expressing the soul of the nation yearning for freedom during the 123 years partition of … More
Fr Luigi Villa Ph.T - you may boast a proud title of Doctor of theology,but you lack Christ like love ,the purity of heart and innocence of a child-which should characterize discerment of a humble priest of God." Ye shall not say a false witness against your fellow man ",for " It would have been better for you to tie a miller's stone around your neck,instead of scandalizing even one of the … More